Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. When is the parking fee due?
A: Parking privileges automatically terminate if the City does  not receive the parking payment by 9:00 AM on the 7th calender day of the month.
Q. Where do I get my monthly parking pass/hang tag?
A: The monthly pass/hang tag is mailed to the applicant prior to the following month, if the payment is received in a timely manner.  First time purchasers must obtain the hang tag from the office at 45 North Market Street.
Q. I received a parking violation, how can I contest it?
A: You may appeal or contest it within 21 days by following the instructions on the back side of the citation.  For more details, you may call City Of San Jose Parking Compliance office at 408-534-2900 or visit their website at
Q. If my key card is damaged, how do I replace it and do I pay for this service?
A: the City will replace, free of charge, parking cards that stop functioning due solely to age (This does not apply to parking cards less than three years old).  In the event that your parking card is lost, damaged or altered, regardless of age, the City will issue you a new card only upon payment of $10.00, non-refundable.
Q. I have 2 vehicles, can I use either to park in the garage?
A: The parking card allows 1 vehicle to enter and exit the garage, and in this sequence.  If you change your vehicle, you must transfer the hang tag to the other vehicle and use the parking card with the other vehicle.
Q. If I forget my parking card, how can I park in the garage?
A: You may enter by getting a daily parking ticket, but you will be liable of paying the daily rates as they apply depending on the duration of your stay there.
Q. Do I get a special rate if I have a handicapped placard and or an electric car?
A: Although we do accommodate parking for electric vehicles and have a designated handicapped area,  but the rates are the same for every one.
Q. Am I allowed to leave my car over night, or a longer period of time?
A: No over night parking is allowed, unless you hold a Downtown Residential Parking Permit at selected facilities.
Q. Are motorcycles allowed to park in your facilities?
A: Parking access equipment cannot be adjusted to ensure the safety of Motorcycles.
Q. Who do I contact in order to reset my password for my parking account?
A: You may contact , or call 877-717-0004, please include your name, account number, and telephone number to expedite your technical support request.